​​​​Daniel Zappi

New Album
'Shores Of Others'
 out now!

'Dan has some of the keenest songwriting eyes I've ever heard. I had him on my radio show for a live session once and the office was crammed with people listening in...his repertoire is based around thoroughly catchy acoustic pop or painstakingly constructed, well observed story-based songs...he is one of the finest independent singer-songwriters going right now. ''

Andy Vale
(BBC Radio Surrey/ Eagle Radio)  

'..a patchwork of raucous, international-tinged melodies. Gaelic jauntiness, piper-infused fables and Desperado-style Spanish guitar all jostle their way into his impressive musical showcase. And while these brief musical sojourns take us into the heart of different cultures, they are also mini unravellings of entire - often poignant, real-life – stories...to simulataneously haunt and heal.'

​Mark Pickering

(Vice News/ The Guardian)